Friday, March 9, 2012

Stepping Stones

This pictures was taken last March 7, 2012 at Sanctuary Center located at Baranga
y Addition Hills Mandaluyong City.
As I arrived on the Sanctuary Center, it's like a new beginning for me, a stepping stone that makes my dreams more possible to happen.
Before entering the gate I felt so happy because of being a first timer on that place. A first timer, I'm thinking on how to approach clients in easy way. When i saw the whole place inside and outside I can say that Sanctuary Center is big and have a good facilities that can accompany more than 50 clients and as I observed all the clients are treated well like giving the right medications,foods,cloth and especially love.
After waiting, walking, watching, talking. and laughing I realized that people who has a mental illness are pitiful, so i tried my best to make them happy even in a short conversation, dance and most especially in listening to what they are saying.
I've learned a lot on that Center and I will GO back to make them happy again. :)))

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Like and Dislike Videos and relate it to Psychology

First Video:


I like this video becuase im a pet lover, and I also like to teach dog, but i can't handle that in easy way because teaching a dog needs patience. The video shows about on how she teach her dog to do some tricks with a food to offer. In the first day the dog don't know how to "roll", she tried it to many times until the second day trial two(2) the dog finally know how to roll.

It is related to psychology because the video is all about shaping behavior with operant conditioning we know that operant conditioning is a process of behavior modification in which the likelihood of a specific behavior is increased or decreased through positive or negative reinforcement each time the behavior is exhibited, so that the subject comes to associate the pleasure or displeasure of the reinforcement with the behavior. Video shows that the trainer pleased the dog in positive way so that the dog can easily adapt the task that the trainer's gave.

Second Video:


This video is all about selling of kidney's. I don't like this video because it tells about what Filipino's do to survive to their everyday life, they can sell everything they have without knowing the consequences of what they done. This video shows about what the reality aspects that happened to those who desperate to earn money's to buy food, clothes and anything they needed to live, and because of it they don't considered the bad effects to their own health and also there's a possibility that they can be deeper in poverty. But the sad part of this video not only Filipino's who benifits in this kidney's transaction but other people in other country who can afford to pay and buy kidney's.

I relate this video to psychology because in this kidney transaction documentary tells about the "behavior" of the poor people. The behavior of the people are very desperate to earn money for their needs, they dont even think that what they do is also the biggest mistakes that they done to their lives. They should think other job that can earn money except for selling the part of their bodies.

"Thank you Prof. Montalbo for viewing my blog."